Using our charging stations is ever so easy. We will explain how it works in just a few steps.

1. Authorisation

Please authorise yourself at the charging station before connecting your charging cable and initiating the charging process.

There are two activation options:

  • With a mobility contract: Contactless initiation of the charging process using your mobility contract partner’s RFID card or app (tariff depends on the contract)
  • Without a contract: Contactless initiation of the charging process with a Girocard* or by scanning a QR code (tariff is displayed during the payment process)

In the case of authorisation using a QR code, please follow the instructions on the mobile website. Following successful authorisation, the charging station display will notify you that you may now connect your charging cable. If you do not initiate the charging process within the authorisation window, the authorisation will be cancelled and you will have to sign in again in order to charge.

The contact point (card reader) for RFID cards is easy to recognise – simply look for this symbol.

2. Initiating the charging process

Connect your vehicle to the charging station. Ensure that you insert the charger plug fully into your vehicle’s charging socket. When charging at a charging station using your own Type 2 charging cable, we recommend you connect the charging cable to the vehicle first. Here, too, you should ensure that the charger plug is fully inserted into the vehicle’s charging socket and is connected to the charging station. The charging cable is locked mechanically. The charging process will then begin. Information regarding the status of the charging process will be shown on the charging station display.

3. Vehicle charging

Your vehicle is charging. You can now leave the vehicle and the charging station. You can end the charging process either on the vehicle (in the case of AC charging, unlocking the central locking often suffices) or directly at the charging station. To do so, simply hold your Girocard or charging card up to the card reader again and follow the instructions on the charging station display. If you authorised yourself with a QR code, please follow the instructions on the mobile website to terminate the charging process.

* This function is only available at charging stations that feature the corresponding symbol.


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